Friday, May 9, 2014

Cholesterol Myth by Dr. George V. Mann

The Cholesterol Myth
“Saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet are not the cause of coronary
heart disease. That myth is the greatest ‘scientific’ deception of the century,
and perhaps any century.”
- George V. Mann, M.D.
Professor of Biochemistry and Medicine

There is simply no one better in the 21st century at developing practical health-related solutions based on the world’s leading medical and nutritional science. “Science – Not opinion” is Brian’s trademark. When
Brian is through explaining a topic it is “case closed!” When he says it, you “can take the information to the bank!”

Unlike most of his peers’ recommendations, Brian’s health and nutritional recommendations have stood the test of time. Brian has never had to reverse or significantly alter any of his medical reports—reports
that have tackled everything from the dangers of soy, to the wrongly popularized need for fiber in the diet, to his warning about the potential harm of supplementing with copious amounts of omega-3. In 1995 he
published the report “Fiber Fiction” and finally, eleven years later, others in research are acknowledging the silliness of recommending fiber in the diet of a human being. Brian’s latest crusade is to warn of the dangers of excess omega-3 (in particular, fish oil) and how it will lead to increased cases of skin cancer. The list goes on and on… Brian received an appointment as an Adjunct Professor at Texas Southern University in the Department of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (1998-1999). The former president of the University said of his discoveries: “...His nutritional discoveries and practical applications through Life-Systems Engineering are unprecedented.” Brian earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1979. Brian founded the field of Life-Systems Engineering Science in
1995. This field is defined as The New Science of Maximizing Desired Results by Working Cooperatively with the Natural Processes of Living Systems. To many, Brian is THE MOST TRUSTED AUTHORITY ON HEALTH AND NUTRITION IN THE WORLD.

Brian continues to be a featured guest on hundreds of radio and television shows both nationally and internationally. His sheer number of accomplishments during the last decade of the 20th century and into
the 21st century are unprecedented and uniquely designate him as the #1 authority in the world of what really works and why. Forget listening to the popular press or most popular so-called health magazines. Their
editors simply don’t understand the complicated science that they write about – they merely “parrot” what everyone else says without independent scientific verification. Their recommendations often have no basis in reality of how the body works, based on its physiology.

Brian has dedicated his life to provide the truth – which is almost always opposite to what everyone says. Here’s why Brian is the #1 man in America to listen to when it comes to your health.


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