Sunday, December 14, 2014

How the coffee enema works

Author: Craig Stellpflug

Coffee enemas cause the liver to dump toxins, stimulate toxic bile flow out of the liver, promote glutathione production (via palmitic acid), dilate capillaries in the liver to nourish liver cells, promote pain reduction in the body, infuse lots of antioxidants, stimulate the liver to expel accumulated fats - all the while stimulating the detoxifying enzyme system in the liver and small intestines.

A coffee enema uses strained, cooled coffee water infused into the colon to stimulate the liver to release bile and dump accumulated fats and toxins into the colon for elimination. Coffee enemas are an integral part of most successful cancer battle plans and are known to also relieve rashes, depression, confusion, general nervous tension, allergy related symptoms, severe and chronic pain while helping the body fight disease and cancer.

Take good care of your liver and it will take good care of you.


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